‘ Maggi.. Maggi… Maggi’

Place : Hungry Head

Location : Hiranandani , Powai , Mumbai 

2nd August 2016 
Maggi !! There is a strong bond between our lives and this word . Rather our lives have revolved around Maggi. It has seen us through thick and thin. It has been our companion since childhood. We’ve eaten Maggi for Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner , you just name the meal and we’ve had Maggi for it. For the same love of Maggi , three young men came together and brought up this concept of Hungry Head about two years ago.
Brainchild of three friends  Hungry Head is a tiny eatery ( vegetarian ) located in Powai right outside Hakone. ( They couldn’t have chosen more precise location 😉 )

Their Menu comprises nothing but Maggi. But do they lack in anything at all ? A big No !! There is so much they have done with Maggi that none of us imagined. 50 items purely based on Maggi is some creativity boss !
On a weekday at around 8ish we turned up there. We went through the menu which was presented to us.
Your classic preparation of Maggi is segregated in Flavoured & Exotic Maggi.
Flavoured Maggi – Red / Black Dragon & Burnt Tomato are a must try
Exotic Maggi – Aglio E Olio Maggi : Very unique flavour however this could do with some more seasoning.


Picadilla Maggi – Loved it.


Khow Suey Maggi – I wouldn’t have believed you can actually make Khow Suey with Maggi if I hadn’t tasted it. This gives you the exact flavour of Khao Suey. The richness of coconut milk and oh the crunch of fried onions and peanuts. This was an absolute favourite.


These Maggis basically come in a container which is quite filling and comes at a very pocket friendly price. ( Each priced at 50- 90 Rs)


To break the mugginess a lil , we slurped their Coolers and crushers –
Tropical Delight – Quite refreshing.
Mojito – Made very well.
Tropical Sunburn – An orange based drink. Pretty good too.
Berry Delight – This could do with some improvement. It was too sweet.

Their packaging of these drinks is also very smart so that you can even pick up one on the move.
Later what was brought to us was a Classic MagBurg. Don’t confuse this with McBerg. This was a MagBurg that was Maggi in a burger. The Maggi in it. Hungry Head makes their own bread hence its so fresh that it melts in your mouth. Generous cheese and great taste of Patty along with the Maggi makes it a very interesting burger. (Not meant for health freaks ) ( Each priced at 70 -110 Rs)

Fries is what accompanied our Magburger. But yet again Hungry Heads does something great with Fries too. They have about 8 different categories of Fries which comprise of a range of dips. Mayo unlike other places is made fresh here. We absolutely liked all their dips viz. Pesto , BBQ , Thousand Islands , Tandoori , Salsa , Red Dragon. (each priced at 60-90 Rs. )
Pizza and Sub! Do you imagine that with your Maggi ? If not , you don’t even need to imagine. Simply head to Hungry head and grab a Mexican Magsub like we did. This had a right amount of Crush of veggies , yumminess of Salsa, Nachos to add the Mexicanness and ofcourse Maggi ! Magsubs are also available in 6 different types. ( Each priced at 110- 140 Rs)


Maggizza was the last of our tastings. Firstly who doesn’t like Pizza ?? ( difficult to find one I’m sure) When you club Pizza with Maggi , this combination is too hard to resist. We couldn’t either. Among the 5 variants – Margarita , Classic Veg , Exotic Veg , 3 Cheese we chose Oye Panjabi Maggizza. You get what the name suggests. Pizza base covered with Maggi and Tandoori Paneer along with veggies topped with loads of Cheese. This was among the second favourite! It really tasted yumm.

IMG_20160810_205809 (1)IMG_20160810_210031

Apart from the above they also serve Blooming Breads, classic as well as flavoured. We couldn’t try those but will definitely give it a try next time I’m here.

Why you should go to Hungry Head –
1. MAGGI ❤
2. Cost friendly
3. Their creativity with comfort food.

Well I’m not just praising them they have been visited by CEO of Nestle to appreciate what they are doing with Maggi.
Good news , they are also planning to come with two more outlets in the city.
More Maggi to you!


Taste – 4.5 /5

Ambiance – 3/ 5

Service – 4 /5

Value for money – 5 /5 

Hungry Head Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

2 thoughts on “‘ Maggi.. Maggi… Maggi’

  1. I have been wanting to visit this place for a while now. Your yummilicious blog just makes me more determined. Great going Ms.Dalvi. you are doing a great job at this. Keep up the good search girl.

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