A Meal @Shah Ghouse House , Hyderabad

Placce : Shah Ghouse House 

Location : Chaar Minar Raod , Hyderabad   

January 2015

If you are a meat lover & you are in Hyderabad , missing out on this place is Criminal. I was dragged to Shah Gouze House by my foodie boss & God bless him for that. After eating at 5 star hotels ( Wouldn’t want to name them ) for 4 days , we needed to eat some badass Hyderabadi Food. Our Driver recommended this place. We in our business suits ended up a lil over dressed at this place at 12 midnight 😛

Its real shady!

The staff comprised of some sweet guys guided us to the Family Section of it. It is spread across three levels.  Its safe yet would say have guy company if you are girls visiting it late at night.
Typical low grade restaurants seats – rather benches. But food makes up for everything !
Every god damn thing is yumm!!

What we ate –
Reshmi Kebab , Murgh Malai Kebabs , Paya , Tandoori Chicken , Kalmi Kebabs , Some really tandoori rotis , Mutton Biryani , Firni .

( All of this was finished by some more colleagues of ours who ultimately joined in.
I’m surprised its not as famous as it should be. Highly recommended.


Taste – 5 /5 (This is absolutely beyond that )

Ambiance  – 2 / 5

Service – 3.5 /5

Value for money – 5/5

Picture Courtesy- TWJ

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