Travelogue : Nepal

Where : Kathmandu & Nagarkot

When : 29th May – 1st June 2017

Stay : Club Himalaya Resort

Nepal for sure is on every traveler’s mind who loves mountains and especially Himalayas. There are people across globe who travel overseas just for a glimpse of the mighty Everest. And we Indians have it so close and convenient, yet we tend to ignore it ( blame it on our laziness or lack of traveling instinct ) I recently had my chance to visit this beautiful country and I am elated. I could visit only two cities which are Kathmandu & Nagarokot respectively. (I was on an official event and hence couldn’t visit more. But they say Pokhara is where all the magic lies. It’s on higher altitudes and hence closer to snow-capped Himalayas. ) In this blog post, I am going to write a little about my stay in Club Himalaya Resort, Little bit of sightseeing that we did and whole lot of rejuvenating experience that Nepal gave with its beauty.

I traveled to Nepal in May end. This is not an ideal month to travel they say. Ideal time to visit is October – November as its pleasant weather (not too cold ) , no rains and hence clear skies which give you the clearest of the views. But I had to make the most of what I had got right!

So on 29th May 2017, we started our travel. From Mumbai to Kathmandu it was a direct flight by Jet Airways (Thank god for direct flights ) Unlike my colleagues who had to take a flight via Delhi which was for almost 5 -6 hrs. Mine was simply 3 hrs. Well 3 hrs was on papers and actually it took almost 2 hrs to reach the capital of Nepal. This airport is really tiny.


The way out from Tribhuvan International Airport towards the city gets really crowded in peak hours. (9 am to 11 am ) It almost reminded us of Mumbai traffic. I am going to refer ‘us’ for the group I was handling. So, after spending almost half an hour being stuck in traffic we started moving slowly. I could lay my eyes on the local life of Nepal. It looked very familiar to ours. However, only concerning factor was the pollution. The city is badly polluted that at least 3-4 people out of 10 were wearing a mask. It is not clean too. There is pollution of all kinds around.

IMG_20170529_115021_651 (1)

We had to go to Nagarkot a tiny village in Bhaktapur district which is about 2 hrs from Nagarkot City. Its located on hilly terrain and at an altitude of 2195 mts. That was one hell of a journey. The road was really narrow and steep. Only one vehicle could pass at a time and that’s why it was more time consuming. After about 1 hrs journey from Kathmandu I had almost lost hopes of the picturesque Nepal. That’s when we started seeing landscapes and that’s when the whole Nepal vibe started to sync in. Beautiful tall pine trees, tiny cafes (very scarce ) and a laid back life ! There were a couple of hotels we spotted on our way and those were all really small. I had to conduct a conference and hence I had to make sure that the resort and facilities were good. Looking at the other hotels I was a little worried, not because they were bad but I started doubting the ability to host a conference. But My doubts were all eased out the moment we stepped in.

Here is a detailed review of the property.

Club Himalaya is a boutique resort nestled in the lap of Himalayas. It has been designed by a Japanese architect. It’s a beautiful spread out property which is ideal for a weekend getaway for Nepal People and for us Indians it is solitude. The rooms are of two categories Standard and Deluxe. Standard rooms are in the old wing and Deluxe rooms are in the new wing. Both wings are interconnected. Difference between the rooms is bath tubs. The new rooms are minus the bath tubs keeping water conservation in mind. All rooms have a private balcony. You may choose an East or West facing room. Either will be of an advantage as East view room offer beautiful sunrise whereas west facing rooms offer gorgeous sunsets.

I stayed in room number 409. Try for upper story floors as they offer better views.


View of the room is something I could go on and on about. Its a panoramic view of range of Himalayas with sun rays seeping through valleys and clouds and everything beautiful.

Here are a few pictures of the room.


Way to conference hall (There were multiple halls we had a hall named Bhaktapur ) was through either lobby or through the rooms wing. All around there were floral plants and beautifying elements, prayer flags etc. It gave a very calmly feeling.


The resort also had an indoor Pool and Gift shop for those who wanted to shop within the property (Prices are more or less the same if you buy stuff at the local market)


My favourite spot in the property was this particular sitting area. The colours used throughout this property were really nice and warm co-ordinated thoughtfully. People would step out in between their breaks and have a cup of tea or coffee. All of them told me that the feel of having a conference in such environment is joyous! Imagine having a hot cup of cinnamon tea with veg pakodas is a setting like this !


Another interesting thing about Nagarkot was the ever changing weather. At one moment it would be sunny and within next half an hour it would be cold , cloudy and chilly. Here is a before and after pic.

The resort had only one restaurant which was at the lobby level. ( It was multi-cuisine though )  Attached to it was Indrawati bar and terrace. On 30th night we were to have a private dinner arranged at this venue. As I was organizing for set up , this is what the terrace looked like at 6 pm.


We had DJ and Drinks at the Bar Bimal was absolute fun to work with. Overall the food here was good too. Maximum time they allow for the bar to be open is 12 midnight unlike cities. We had to push off.

Next morning was a sunny one. I could enjoy a nice lemon tea by my balcony and soak in the sun. Throughout our stay the temperature was never above 15 degrees  hence it was very pleasant.


Breakfast at Club Himalaya is Mainly Continental with two Indian dishes. I decided to go light on my tummy. Here’s what my breakfast that day looked like.

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Breakfast today was minimal. Infact the caption of the insta story was 'less is more' can't agree more 😉 In pic – Baked Beans , Croissant, Pancake with maple syrup , sauteed cabbage and a glass of peach juice. It's beautiful weather here and good food at @clubhimalaya totally kick-starts my day. ( Sorry for a late post ) More updates on – #thetalkingbee #tourism #travel #traveler #Nepal #nagarkot #himalaya #work #workmode #events #outdoors #breakfastdiaries #breakfastlover #light #goodfood #mondaymotivation #traveldiary #beauty #love #hotels #mobilephotography #bloggers #bloggersofindia #reviews #travelinggram #travelposts#like4follow #like4like #pictureoftheday

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The food in general was a good a blend of Indian and Conti or Indian and Asian with a good balance of veg and non veg options, salads and desserts.

My plate full of Salads


In the evening, I got some free time around 6 pm I managed to go see the terrace. Me and some fellow travellers could see the snow-capped Himalayas in the background very light traces for pictures but we all were delighted. Watching the sun go down on that cool evening was one memorable thing!


Next morning was our Mount Everest flight. It was at 730 am. There are several domestic airlines conducting it. We chose Buddha Air. We had to report to domestic terminal by 7 am. Trust me, it was a task to get up that early in the morning. But we were really looking forward to the mountain flight. It was again that dreaded journey from steep roads to the airport. With our hearts in our throat we started. Hotel had arranged for a packed breakfast for us. Sweet!

We Indians generally do not need Passport to visit Nepal but for doing the Mount Everest flight, passport is needed. The procedure is similar to any other flight. But here you get a boarding pass and along with it you get a map. An outline of mountain range that one will get to see during the flight.

We had 16 seater ATR aircrafts. All with window seats, ideal for the mountain views. We were 25 people hence we had to be divided in two groups. All set for the mountain flight. We boarded it. Pretty airhostess greeted us with a smile. We were told beforehand that we will not get to see the peak of Mount Everest due to bad weather and clouds but that shouldn’t affect our overall experience. We were all geared up!


Our flight was an experience that took our trip to Nepal to another level. Flying above the clouds and watching mighty Himalayas is something can only be experienced. We all were turned into kids. We were super excited. Initially people sitting on left side were getting the snow view and all we saw was lower Himalayas. Not that it’s not beautiful ! It has the view of greener Himalayas and Valleys. However, worried me questioned the crew ‘ I hope we too will get to see the Everest.’ She mentioned aircraft would turn around and trust me you will get a better view 😉. Another USP of this flight is they let you go to the cockpit and interact with pilots. The view from cockpit is killer!!

Here are some pics from the Mountain flight.

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I'm back from Nepal but I've left my heart back in the mountains. I know it's very cheesy but that's my state of mind right now. Especially after the #MountEverestFlight . It was an epic experience and something that will be remembered for a very long time. Massiveness of Himlayas really left us all awestruck. All we could see was giant Himlayas. It made us wonder how the sheer beauty of nature can be so captivating! #thetalkingbee #mounteveretflight #mounteverest #himalaya #tourism #travel #traveler #Nepal #outdoors #traveldiary #beauty #love #nature #mobilephotography #bloggers #andamanadventures #thebetterindia #skyscannerindia #bloggersofindia #travelinggram #travelposts#like4follow #like4like #pictureoftheday

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Between this mountain flight and our flight back to Mumbai we had almost 2-3 hours and we planned on visiting Bouddhanath Stupa and Pashupatinath Temple.

Bouddhanath is considered the biggest Stupa in Asia and its massive. It belongs to Tibetan Buddhism. Beautiful white washed Stupa with a real gold tip was destroyed due to Kathmandu earthquake. But they fixed it within no time and now this holy structure is back in its original form for its devotees. Its surrounded by monasteries, prayer wheels,prayer flags etc. All around it are cute shops and cafes. An ideal spot to grab lunch and satiate your shopping spree.

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We visited Bouddhanath Stupa during our recent trip to Nepal. It is considered the biggest Stupa in Asia and it belongs to Tibetan Buddhism.It's surrounded by monasteries , prayer wheels and prayer flags. Each colour of the flag is representative of an element. There is so much peace and calm in the air itself that makes you want to stay here for hours. #thetalkingbee #buddhism #buddhist #stupa #spiritual #himalaya #tourism #travel #traveler #Nepal #outdoors #traveldiary #beauty #love #nature #mobilephotography #bloggers #andamanadventures #thebetterindia #skyscannerindia #bloggersofindia #travelinggram #travelposts#like4follow #like4like #pictureoftheday

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What to shop here – Souvenirs , Shawls and Stoles , Cool T’s , Tibetan Thanka Paintings and Handicrafts.


After Bouddhanath we visited Pashupatinath Temple. This one belongs to Hindu religion and non -Hindus are prohibited from visiting here. Honestly, I don’t see a reason why anyone should be stopped. Anyway, so we proceeded. This is about 10 mins from the airport. Entrance of it can be a bit too much for some as it is a crematorium of Hindus where bodies are cremated. If you have been to Varansi (UP ) or Panchwati ( Maharashtra) you can relate to this. On the similar line, there is a huge temple complex belonging to the architecture of 2nd century BC.  One of the most important temples for Shaivaites. (Shiva believers) Pashupatinath = God of Animals. They do not allow photos inside. Among several hindu temples we found this huge formation that was made from 525 Shivlingas placed in a particular fashion to form a Swastik. Unusual and fascinating. Overall, if you like ancient temples and its architecture you would definitely enjoy it as the intricate carving and the  holy vibes coming from this complex make the visit worthwhile. But if Temples is not your scene then its avoidable.


Those interested in Rudraksha , must buy it from here as there are genuine shops around Pashupatinath Temple.

That’s all I could cover during my work visit. I wish I could see a little more but that’s how the traveller in me is!  I hope I can travel to Nepal again sometime soon to cover other gorgeous places too.

Till then, Happy Travelling 😊

P.S. All pictures are taken solely by me and review is based on a personal experience.


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