Our offsite at Ekaant The Retreat,Lavasa

The Talking Bee

As soon as #monsoon hits Mumbai City, we #Mumbaikars look for an opportunity to get away from the city on the weekend. Our off-site, which generally used to be in the month of May was luckily postponed to July ( ideal for a lovely drive ) After looking through several options , Lavasa was finalized.

Quick Summary

  1. Why – One of the ideal getaways from Mumbai and especially Pune in Monsoon. Not as close as Lonavala but definitely better.

  2. Stay –Ekaant – The Retreat is perfect for those who love nature, solitude and are okay to spend a little extra ( Tariff was approx 10K per room per night )

  3. Eat – Restaurant at Ekaant could do with faster service. Room service is excellent though.

For those who haven’t heard much about Lavasa, here’s your guide.

Located in Western Ghats near Pune (about 200 km ) , Lavasa is…

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