My break from ‘Food Blogging’ and Why!

I started blogging about 3 and a half years back. The followers and their support for my restaurant reviews encouraged me. Well, it all began with my fascination for the F&B industry when I wasn’t even aware there was something called food blogging or reviewing. My job over last 9-10 years into events took me … Continue reading My break from ‘Food Blogging’ and Why!

Staycation @ Aamby Valley

The Talking Bee

Place : Aamby Valley City

Location : Ahead of Lonavala , Maharashtra

Distance from Mumbai : Approx 116 KM.

When : 9th – 11th June 2017

Ever since I have become a part of the FBAI, it has only helped me grow in terms of my experiences of writing, my knowledge regarding F&B and overall as a blogger. One such experience was what I recently had during my  #staycation at Aamby Valley. Over the last weekend , Aamby Valley had invited us over ( Food & Travel Bloggers ) to stay and enjoy the facilities and amenities that they have got to offer.  I don’t know where to begin. So I’m gonna share a complete experience here.

9th June 2017

We were supposed to leave for Aamby in the morning. But the excitement was way before that day. On the previous night, itself we all were very pumped…

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Restaurant Review : TYGR

After almost a year’s break I went for a food review at this really new age place called TYGR. I was surprised by it’s name and wondered if it had any significance. When asked our server Ashish , he mentioned it takes TY from Thai and GR from Grill. As TYGR offers both ‘Thai’ and […]

Our offsite at Ekaant The Retreat,Lavasa

The Talking Bee

As soon as #monsoon hits Mumbai City, we #Mumbaikars look for an opportunity to get away from the city on the weekend. Our off-site, which generally used to be in the month of May was luckily postponed to July ( ideal for a lovely drive ) After looking through several options , Lavasa was finalized.

Quick Summary

  1. Why – One of the ideal getaways from Mumbai and especially Pune in Monsoon. Not as close as Lonavala but definitely better.

  2. Stay –Ekaant – The Retreat is perfect for those who love nature, solitude and are okay to spend a little extra ( Tariff was approx 10K per room per night )

  3. Eat – Restaurant at Ekaant could do with faster service. Room service is excellent though.

For those who haven’t heard much about Lavasa, here’s your guide.

Located in Western Ghats near Pune (about 200 km ) , Lavasa is…

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