Review : Quench Juhu

We were invited by Quench Juhu recently and I couldn’t wait to visit the same. Actually, I had always been a big fan of Bandra Quench. Reasons being – 1) Beer Adda 2) Mature Crowd 3) Rock Music Quench Juhu has maintained that to quite an extent and the good news is its much bigger….

The Talking Bee’s recommendations for Valentine’s Day

Writing a new post after a really long time and a special one as #Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Well, there are two kinds of people those who love the concept of Valentine’s day and celebrating it with their special someone . The rest find it boring and highly overrated. Do I even…

Dinner Date @Razzberry Rhinoceros

Place – Razzberry Rhinoceros Location – Juhu, Mumbai   17th August 2017 Razzberry Rhinoceros, a familiar name as far as Mumbai nightlife is concerned. Used to be very Hip place to go to a few years ago. Good news is that it is back ! Bad news is there is a lot of scope for improvement….

Spare ME  Kitchen!

Place : Spare Kitchen   Location : Juhu , Mumbai   30th October 2016 On a Diwali Noon along with a bunch of colleagues we ended up at Spare Kitchen. Apart from us there were only two more tables occupied. I guess this was a Diwali trend this year that most places I visited turned out…

OKTOBERFEST @True Tramm Trunk

Place – True Tramm Trunk Location – Juhu , Mumbai   23rd October 2016 Oktoberfest has been catching up like a wildfire in Mumbai and there can’t be a better news for Beer fanatics like us! On Sunday , True Tram Trunk invited us over to gorge on their Oktoberfest menu. We  , a bunch…